Looking to reach $100m?

Did you know the chances of a US business making a $100m in annual revenue are FAR less than 1%?

In fact, the odds are around .00045%*!

If you have aspirations to grow your business to this elite level, then you've come to the right place. 

When your business is at a growth stage that having a team of 2 or more accomplished, non-biased, and temporary experts spend time with you or your team weekly, monthly, or quarterly. 

These experts can be custom-selected based on your company's industry, growth stage, and area of greatest need(s). 

Product, Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR, Fundraising, and more! 

When you need someone working day-to-day with you and the team for a period of time - months, quarters, even more - our fractional C-Suite is a flexible option to keep overhead low while getting the results you need. We focus first on Growth which can entail sales, marketing, operations, and more.

Looking for more discipline and direction in your leadership or team dynamics? An ongoing accountability call could be a way to level up impact.

45 to 90 minute calls scheduled weekly or biweekly with a rotating focus on the different aspects of business drivers. This is an innovative way to ensure you are building on a strong foundation.

Every company creates a customer experience - good or bad; consistent or inconsistent; noteworthy or forgettable. Multiple locations? Complicated online presence? Just want to streamline how prospects find and buy from you?

Our mystery shop/audit is a great way to get a snapshot in short order.

Rebecca's talent and strategic mind have been the secret sauce to my marketing success for a decade. She communicated effectively to our executives and management, making the most intricate findings clear and impactful. Rebecca became a trusted advisor and critical contributor to our marketing and business strategy. 

– Karol Hernandez

Rebecca is who you call when you need the job done. Her leadership skills and broad experience set her apart in growth-focused companies. Rebuild your marketing? Check. Set up your operations? Check. Get you on the way to $100m? Check.

– Miriam Paramore, Healthcare Tech, Operations, and Data Leader

Rebecca rises to every challenge, and her team has supported projects across a wide range of needs - data, marketing, project management, and more.

– David Everson, Senior Marketing Leader

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*Based on research from Kaufmann Foundation, 2013.